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    Okay, I felt the need to post this. The constant comments on different places like Youtube where people are fighting and harassing each other over which phone is better is stupid. There is something people need to understand, THERE ARE DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHICH MEANS THEY DON'T ALL LIKE CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM. There are some who YES, LIKE you say are mindless people who get Apple phones because it's Apple. BUT there are also people in this world that simply like the aluminum body, weight, small screen or whatever it may be. People need to stop generalizing, and know that people simply have different likes. I know some people who would, despite all the functions that don't exist on the iPhone like nfc and etc, still choose it because it is simple. So the simple statement of "Android is better than iOS" or "The Note 2 is better than the iPhone 5" All simply depend on personal preference. It's like, as I said before, telling someone that chocolate ice-cream is better than Vanilla. Well what if I just like the taste of Vanilla? It's all about personal preference! Having said all that, I had an iPhone 5 and switched over to the Note 2 because I played with both in store and enjoyed the bigger screen and customization. Oh and trust me, there are still people on this forum who are making those blatant statements. It's because of these people that make Android users seem like they like to just attack iOS users out of no where... it's making us look bad when you simply just say Samsung > Apple everywhere and for no reason. I used to think Android users were obnoxious and this was why. Please, make Android users have the image of being non-thugs.
    Y'all feel me?
    P.S. This is why I love the "What can the iPhone 5 do better than the Note 2" Thread. You can see that people who post in there are people who don't go on Youtube making angry mindless comments!
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    01-27-2013 04:30 PM
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    I have been on the AC forums for 2 months. I never hear people bad mouthing android or apple. Many of us started with apple and have moved on. I am one of them. Apple makes good products that are like you say, simple. It just works is excellent motto for them. However, after 4 years and barely any new innovation I got bored. Who wants to buy a phone for 2hundred bux and barely get any new features? Not me.

    The only real times I hear on these particular forums are posts dedicated to bad mouthing one or the other.

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    01-27-2013 06:04 PM

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