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    The Mugen Power 6400mah Extended Battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note II comes in a very simple yet elegant packaging encasing the extended battery, custom battery door with stand, and also a leather pouch.

    Taken out of the packaging, the initial thought that jumps to mind is THICK. Yes, the 6400mah rated at more than double the battery life of the OEM battery is also double the thickness of the OEM battery. However, this was expected as doubling anything always come with a price. Minor print on the battery introduces its specifications (3.8V / 6400mah) along with several caution warnings.
    The extended battery back comes with a surprise as well. The NFC chip is built into the extended backplate. Thus, consumers would not have to make do with no NFC if they opt for the Mugen Power Extended Battery. Best of both worlds, who doesnt want that? Also, the backcover has a very detailed diamond shaped pattern that provides a textured feel to improve grip. The flash and camera cutouts are perfectly aligned and cut along with the SPEN cutout as well. The kickstand on this unit is much better than any of the previously reviewed batteries for other phones. Mugen Power seemed to have finally fixed their flimsy stand issue as the current stand provides support and rigidity when opened, and sits tight and flush with the back when closed.
    The leather pouch included is BIG, big to a point that I have not found an excuse to transfer from my current slim case to this pouch. However, for those leather lovers out there, this may hit the sweet spot for you. Who thought youd be getting a pouch when all you care for is the battery? Just to make one thing clear, the pouch DOES NOT seem to be made for the extended battery cover, as the phone sits REALLY tight in there, which does not seem right. However, with OEM battery, the phone fits in the pouch just fine.


    This battery is AMAZING. The Note 2 itself already has one of the most excellent battery life in the android crowd, but this battery takes it another step further. With the original 3100mah battery, I am able to make it just past 2 days of moderate usage with an average of 5 hours screen on. This usage includes surfing, slight 1 hour gaming, videos, lots and lots and lots of chatting and texting, and 30 minutes of calling.
    With the Mugen Battery, regular usage lasted me over 4 DAYS with similar usage stated above. This makes true Mugens claim of doubling the battery life, and really comes in handy if you are going on a long trip where a wall plug becomes a luxury.
    I also wanted to see how the battery would do if I stressed on gaming and video watching. In this area, I was even more surprised. The screen shots attached show clearly how I tested the battery. In one day, of over 11 hours screen on, around 4 of them was due to very intense high graphics ONLINE gaming, which is a BIG battery sucker. Additionally, web surfing and video watching along with tapatalk are amongst the remaining few hours of usage. No matter what you say about this battery, for gamers, this is a MUST. I used to have to change/charge my battery more 5 times (not 0-100 charges) throughout the day if I game this much. With mugen, that worry is gone, as I am 100% certain that no matter what I do with my phone. It would last me through the day, EASY.

    Nothing in the world is made perfect, and so isnt the Mugen Power Extended Battery. Though the cover fits the phone perfectly with the extended battery inside, there is a slight hollowness within the phone that allows the battery to shift around inside. Its not to a level such that the battery would loose its connection, but it just feels hollow and when you feel the battery move inside, it just annoys you. An easy fix was applied by adding a business card on top of the battery then closing the phone.

    SO, it you are planning on a long trip, or if you are a avid gamer/ user, and is not satisfied with your battery life, Mugen Power's 6400mah battery for your galaxy note 2 really is the way to go as they produce one of the best quality batteries on the market with proper customer support. One downside however, is that you have to overcome that steep price and also a slight downgrade in looks of your phone.

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    Mugen Power 6400mah Battery Review-screenshot_2013-01-19-20-38-30-1-.png   Mugen Power 6400mah Battery Review-screenshot_2013-01-19-20-38-40-1-.png   Mugen Power 6400mah Battery Review-screenshot_2013-01-19-20-39-08-1-.png   Mugen Power 6400mah Battery Review-screenshot_2013-01-19-20-39-16-1-.png   Mugen Power 6400mah Battery Review-screenshot_2013-01-19-20-39-22-1-.png  

    01-30-2013 05:12 PM
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    How do you get your phone to last a full two days mine definitely will only go like a day and a half tips with about the same amount of usage you described.

    Sent from a really big phone.
    01-30-2013 05:43 PM

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