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    I was running the app Screen Adjuster to make my screen on my Note 2 just a little warmer and it seemed to work for that.

    I found later that I could not install an app copied from another device that should install. I just thought the app could have been corrupted and went on without it. Then I could not install a new app from Amazon. So after doing some checking settings and so forth I decide to reinstall the Amazon Appstore app and the newly downloaded Amazon Appstore app would not install either.

    I knew something weird was going on. I did some searching and found nothing pertaining to the Note 2 for the problem. I did find a thread about the Nexus 7 on Android Central Forums where someone had a similar problem. B. Diddy posted that he had found screen filters could cause installation problems. I remembered I was using the app Screen Adjuster on my Note 2. Once I removed the app Screen Adjuster app everything installed as it should.

    So thanks B. Diddy

    This is to give warning to help others.
    02-02-2013 05:59 PM

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