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    It appears as though the method from XDA works well and makes this a lot easier/more convenient. No reboot required.

    At&t temoraly RAT removal - xda-developers

    Thanks to norbarb on XDA:
    From the phone dialer enter: *#197328640#
    Umts -> Debug Screen -> Phone Control -> Network Lock -> RAT_FREE_SUPPORITNG ON <- once you choose this option it will say "Now RAT Free Supporting" - this will allow you to change bands freely (no need to pull the SIM card) until your next reboot.

    Thanks to aybarrap1 on XDA:
    You can save *#197328640# in your contacts. I wasn't able to call the contact directly but from the dialer you can dial *#1 and it will pop up as a suggestion - you press that and it launches automatically. You can then go to Umts -> Debug Screen -> Phone Control -> Network Control <- this leads you to the screen you'd find in my original method with *#2263#
    From here you can freely swap to whichever band you prefer and it will connect without a reboot required!
    Note: After disabling RAT restrictions you can hit the menu button and choose back, twice. You'll then be at the menu list that includes "Network Control" aka *#2263# which is a little faster.

    I will update the OP here and on XDA with this new information.
    Hey guys, so im posting this here cause maybe some of you would like to disable Lte if you dont have the option liks us At&t owners. I tried it on my n2 and worked fine. Meant for the s3,but works on the n2 also. :thumbup:

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