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    Today I got a notification for low storage.
    During that I couldn't even go into my settings.
    I remember two days ago I had about 3gbs left.
    So I transfered all my pictures and big videos to my sd .
    Then I removed my sd card and restarted my phone and it still shows I have 12gbs of videos and pictures.
    WTF how
    I only have acouple pictures left in the gallery.

    Why is it showing 12gbs of vids and pics? This can't be right.
    I never had that much vids and pics.

    Anyone got a clue what's going on?
    Please help? Ideas?

    Thanks to all in advance

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    02-28-2013 12:16 AM
  2. zmann's Avatar
    Did you move to external sd? There is a difference. Use the files app that's in your app draw and move everything to external sd.

    Note 2, it's true, ,size is everything!
    02-28-2013 06:04 AM
  3. rankar7's Avatar
    Why is it showing 12gbs of vids and pics? This can't be right.

    First, Plug your gn2 into your computer to start android file transfer and verify that the files are not there in sdcard0. Let us know what you're seeing.

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    02-28-2013 06:40 AM

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