1. Continuum88's Avatar
    I've synced my Note 2 for the first time with Outlook. Seems OK (other than it probably also synced Suggested Contacts from Outlook, despite I marked Contacts), but where can I find the Tasks/ToDo on Note 2? Seems to have been synced somewhere...
    03-27-2013 02:42 PM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    On the S3, tasks are available in the default calendar app. I suspect that's where they are on the Note 2, as well.
    03-27-2013 02:51 PM
  3. Continuum88's Avatar
    I found them - swipe left to switch between calendar views, and then there's Tasks. The least intuitive part. Don't know why there's no separate icon/shortcut to Tasks, though.

    And where do Notes (from Outlook) sync to (if they do at all, there was no such option in Kies, but I remember there's one in MyPhoneExplorer)? S Note?
    03-27-2013 03:20 PM

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