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    With many cases out in the market today, it is hard to make the best decision to buy the right case for your phone.
    So hopefully this thread will help those of you who are still deciding on which case will be the best for your Note 2

    Please be as descriptive and as creative as you can be, post pictures if you can.
    But a few points to note before you all go wild with your reviews.

    Please keep all reviews,

    Let me start out with my review of my favorite case.
    Name: Kalaideng ENLAND Series Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Ultra Slim Leather Cover Case - Brown
    Rating: (4.9/5)
    This innovative case from Kalaideng compliments every feature of the Galaxy Note II. It highlights the thinness and the lightness of the Galaxy Note II. This case is also reliable, securing every corner as well as the front screen. It has lacing on the side to insure the quality and the durability of the case. Also, the grip on the case is great, so there is no real worry about dropping the phone. Ive been using the case for well over a three months now and Im very satisfied with it. The case itself is hard on the outside but has a soft fannel on the inside to prevent any damage to your phone. It has no real signs of wear, and it's definitely worth the money.

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    03-30-2013 08:54 PM

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