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    I turned the keyboard on for right handed use so it shrinks and goes to the side you choose. I noticed that when you hold onto a letter it will typically give you more opinions, being a capital version and usually another character (Sometimes more) like "!,@,#,$,%,".".

    When you do this, you usually start with the special character and the second one is the capital. Well, when I turn on the one handed keyboard only the letters B, H, and Y gets switched, The capital is the first and you have to scroll to get the " or special character. When I turn one handed mode off it is normal. Again, it's only for "B, H, and Y". (For "Y", it isn't a capital, but it's but the correct character shown on the "Y" key.)

    Can someone either tell me if this happens to you when you turn on the one handed keyboard mode? Or, tell me why it would do this? If you are going to test it, make sure you're using lowercase. Thanks for any help.

    Here is a visual aid http://i.imgur.com/M6pNL7x.jpg

    Edit: spelling

    It could be a scaling issue, since sometimes it goes to the special character first for a split second and goes right to the capital letter.
    04-11-2013 09:11 PM

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