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    The main reason im itching to get either an ipad mini or an ipod touch is i like to play tons of games especially on my iphone 5 before i switched to the note 2 im using today. unfortunately the library of games in my note isnt enough to satisfy my needs and i feel a little irritated especially when a new game in toucharcade gets announced and my android doesnt have it yet.

    so would it be better to get an ipod touch or an ipad mini? ipad mini has a bigger screen which is better for games but i cant bring it all the time since i dont carry bags all the time. the ipod touch is extremely portable and i could also use it while im jogging since the note 2 is a little too big to use while jogging. the note 2 is labeled as a "phablet" so im thinking an ipad would be a little redundant but so as having an ipod touch and a note 2. what do you guys think?

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