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    It looks like the upgrade to UCLD3 fixed my slow GPS lock on my SGH-I717 Galaxy Note (however I really have not been able to test it).

    However...I need to now figure out how to root this new software version because the old root instructions do not work.

    I want to root the phone so I can start Titanium so I can reload all of my contacts and settings and such however when Titanium loads it says that the phone must be rooted first.

    After I perform the same root procedure that I did with the old Gingerbread software and try to install the att_note_root.tar the phone with the UCLD3 will never reboot. The "Samsung" words will show then extinguish then appear again (in a bit more color) then extinguishes again and then the phone does not wake up. I can wake it up in download mode and reload UCLD3 and the phone works fine.

    Can anyone HELP!?!?!?

    The phone is a SGH-I717

    04-24-2013 03:49 PM

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