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    So, ive been toying with the idea of attempting to make an Android app. Ive had a few ideas but no real drive to learn coding. Ive been reading alot about the Oculus Rift VR headset SDK that has recently started shipping. Its getting rave reviews being that its only a developer kit, and the consumer version promises to be even better ie., higher resolution.

    Well today l took the plunge. I purchased the developer kit and now have access to the sdk as well. The kit wont be here for atleast 1-2 months but I can download the sdk now. Like I said, I am a newb but now I am financially motivated to get started since the money is already spent.
    Comments or suggestions will be appreciated. What kinds of apps would you guys like to "see" in the VR world.

    To those that dont know. The Oculus Rift is being called the Holy Grail in the game community. Cliff Blizenski, John Carmack, Valve, and Epic to name a few, are all ramping up development in this new VR scene based on just this DK (developer kit). Current games are being ported to work, TF2 already works, as well as Skyrim, Portal 2 and many many other. This is only the beginning. Supposedly it is a night/day difference for apps/games developed specifically to use the Oculus Rift.

    TLR Give me app ideas for things you would like to have but dont have access to now.
    Give suggestions for VR type apps you would like to "see" one day.

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