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    Well, good cases are not cheap. This is a really cheap PU leather case for N7100 which I got from www.tmart.com.
    When the case cost $5.36 with shipping included, there's not much you can complain about.
    The case comes in a variety of colors, from black, blue, red, white and brown., black being my favorite. But the brown one looks really elegant.
    The phone fits snugly inside the case without the need of removing the back cover. The interior is lined by a soft material so that it doesn't scratch our beloved phone. It has a metallic clasp on the flip cover that snaps shut to a magnet on the case. The magnet overall has very little effect on the s pen unlike many case with magnetic clasp. The camera, volume and power key slots are well cut out. The spen slot is a little small for people with fast fingers like me. I have to use my little finger to remove the spen. The material is not of the finest quality. So don't expect something like the otterbox case.
    Final verdict:
    Build: 3/5
    Style: 4/5
    Value for money : 5/5.

    You can get check this out from this link.


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