1. aodqw97's Avatar
    Hello all

    I have a problem on my new Note 2.
    I cannot answer *some incoming calls (NO RED AND GREEN ANSWER OR DECLINE ICONS APPEAR).
    This happens in either the lock screen or on the desktop, makes no difference.
    I say 'some' calls, I had 2 calls yesterday fro different locations that I know where from automated sources (like call centres).
    I took a call from my other half sometime later with no problem.
    Does the Note 2 know they're from dubious sources and not give you the option to answer them? I doubt it..
    This is not just that I don't understand you have to swipe the answer icon, the icons never appeared.
    The 2 numbers called about 3 or 4 times each, no option to answer them.
    I have also enabled the 'answer with home key' feature and this din't answer the call either..
    I'm a bit concerned that I'm going to miss a call I really need to take.
    Very frustrated, can anyone help me please?
    Many thanks.
    05-13-2013 02:49 AM
  2. AustinTech's Avatar
    I have the opposite problem. I can't hang up or get the screen to come alive to hang up a call or be able to type in numbers.

    I think the proximity sensor or something is screwed up. I think this happened around the 4.1.2 upgrade, at least for me.
    05-13-2013 09:47 AM
  3. NewYorkChic's Avatar
    I am having that same problem right now, my screen does not come on when I remove the phone from ear, I had to take the battery out and reboot it

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    07-14-2013 02:13 PM

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