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    Does anyone else's home button feel "grindy"? The left side of the home button will sometimes (It might have to do with the phone heating up since it happens when it's in my pocket for some time.) click twice. I'll lightly press it and it will give a little bit and I'll feel some feedback, but it wasn't activated or pressed, then I'll keep going and the real snap/click will happen and the home button was pressed. So when I do this fast, it feels weird, like I'm feeling two clicks or two sets of feedback. The right side doesn't do this, and it's the same button.

    Edit: It's not the phone heating up, Also, in hindsight, this is really annoying. It sometimes does it and sometimes it doesn't which means I can't get used to it, not that I could anyway since it only does it when the left side is pressed, so it's not consistent at all. It also sometimes is REALLY definit with it's 2 clicks, sometimes it will literally feel just as powerful as the actual click. What can be causing this? It just started happening this week out of nowhere.
    05-24-2013 01:44 PM

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