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    So my new tv is getting delivered today. Its got basically every feature and sone new ones that have relevance to this forum.

    Wifi direct, NFC, MHL connectivity and DLNA just to name a few. There is an LG app that lets me interface my phone as REAL remote unlike those gs4 people. Its got 3 USB ports and it can decode divx and most other files directly.

    Tonight, after work I will be running it through some fairly extensive testing to see what exactly works with my phone and what doesnt. If anyone is interested ill write a sort of review.

    Here is what I got. Not to bad for festure list and price. I ordered it yesterday, shipping would have been free 2 day with my prime but I payed and extra $4 to have it shipped in 1 day.

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    06-05-2013 09:15 AM

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