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    When I connect to my Win8 PC via USB, it says 'connected as a camera'. In Windows Explorer, I can browse Computer\GT-N7100\Phone\ but not all the files appear, even if I've enabled 'Show hidden items'.

    For example, any videos recorded or photos taken with the GN2 camera are stored in in the same folder on the phone: /storage/sdcard0/DCIM/Camera. But when I check the Win 8 equivalent location at Computer\GT-N7100\Phone\DCIM\Camera, I can see all the photos but no mp4 videos.

    Another example- I uploaded show tv shows to /storage/sdcard0/Movies but the next time I connected the phone to my PC, Win8 shows that folder as empty while the tv shows are very clearly still on the phone. Using a PIM like Moborobo, I can see everything though.

    Any idea why this is happening?
    06-07-2013 11:32 AM
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    Once you are connected to your pc on phone slide to notification panel and click the usb connection. Change to other option. Now the phone tje pc should chime and change. I believe the 2nd option is called mtp.

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    06-07-2013 07:14 PM

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