1. Harry Papadatos's Avatar
    I have a Samsung galaxy note 2 gt-n7102 which has 2 sim cards and was made for the chinese market. The phone works well but I have one problem. I have 2500 contacts in my phone and have all the numbers starting with +61 and then the number. The reason I have the number like this is when I travel overseas I can call people without any prefix. the problem I am having is when I am in Australia and receive a call it shows me the number and not the contact name. The way it shows the number is 04 in front.
    hope some one can help me sort this problem.
    06-20-2013 04:05 AM
  2. seamusgalla's Avatar
    I have a very similar problem.
    I have HTC One. It was originally a T-Mobile Phone bought in the USA. It is unlocked and I am using it in Ireland. My numbers are saved in the format 0871234567. When I receive a call my phone recognises the contact, but when I receive a text the phone does not recognise the contact and just displays their number with the international prefix ie. +353871234567. I changed some of my contacts to be save their number with the international prefix and then the opposite problem occurs. My phone will recognise their texts, but not their calls, which show without the international prefix ie. 0871234567. I have exhasted all settings avenues to the best of my ability. Anyone out there have a solution??
    09-04-2013 04:06 PM

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