1. jrsharp70's Avatar
    Can't seem to figure out how to capture a section of screen in a uniform box shape (instead of the freehand lasso style).

    Is is possible? Thanks, sorry for the noob question.

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    06-30-2013 10:43 AM
  2. Trees's Avatar
    I just tried it and also didn't see an obvious way. Checked in S Pen Settings and didn't see an option there. Don't think it's a noob question.
    06-30-2013 11:49 AM
  3. So Cold's Avatar
    I would assume you would take a screen capture of the whole screen and then crop the part you want,why use the s pen?

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    06-30-2013 12:07 PM
  4. jrsharp70's Avatar
    Thanks. I just thought it might be a setting. I swear I saw it done on a YouTube tutorial video, but it is an older video for the note 10.1.

    As to why I'd want to do that instead of screen capture and crop? Because it would be way faster. Not a big deal though.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-30-2013 12:38 PM
  5. So Cold's Avatar
    Fair enough, I find myself not using the s pen very much but I still enjoy having it
    06-30-2013 02:42 PM

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