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    The Note 3 could be the most interesting phone released this year. Supposed to be coming in Sept/Oct. I held my S4 next to a Note 2 and I could easily handle a Note 3 with about the same dimensions. I am thinking that the Note 3 could easily replace my Ipad 3. I will continue to use my MacBook Pro, but I might be able to downsize to just 2 devices. I think the Note 3 will really sell well with the expected specs.
    07-09-2013 03:59 AM
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    Before you get a Note 3 wait and make sure Samsung updates the Note 2.

    The Note 2 is one of the best phones available at this time, if not the best phone available at this time. This problem is, Samsung has not updated it to 4.2.2 the Note 2 was supposed to get the update back in May.

    It would basically bring the S4's Nature 2.0 Touch-Wiz, all features of the S4, camera, new S-Voice, the new Samsung translate, ect.. As well as the new features of Android 4.2.2 and bug fixes. The only thing the Note 2 wouldn't get in the update is the Air View with you're finger. Since we have it with the S-Pen already.

    I'm pretty much waiting for this update to start rolling out any day now. If the Note 2 doesn't get it well before the Note 3 is released then I'm done with Samsung. It shows that Samsung doesn't care about everyone that bought the Note 2. Just the fact we don't already have it is wrong by Samsung.

    What happened to Samsung changing there update schedule and them making sure we get updates in a timely manner.

    The Note 2 is one of Samsung's biggest sellers. It opened the door to new buyers, markets and businesse's. The Note 2 changed allot of things for Samsung.

    Samsung needs to remember the people that bought the Note 2. The device that's going to make the Note 3 an even bigger success. So if Samsung is not going to update the Note 2 before they release the Note 3. The device that is supposed to be the best as of right now.

    How is Samsung going to handle the Note 3 upgrades. When the Note 4 is about to be released are they going to put the Note 3 on hold and push it to the side... I mean really, Samsung seems to do this every time.

    I hope Samsung shows they are going to keep there top devices up to date before they release the next one. We will find out soon, if Samsung updates our Note 2 far before they release the Note 3 and they are running out of time pretty fast.

    I hope I'm wrong and Samsung starts rolling out 4.2.2 for the Note 2. I would like to stick with Samsung, but I've given them enough chances.

    I'll have to start looking into LG, HTC and Motorola. I'm just sick of always waiting for updates. So are my family and friends.

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    07-09-2013 07:52 AM

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