1. wburleson's Avatar
    I need help I keep geting the message from my phone:
    "Background service not running or killed by android due to low resources. Open the app once to ensure the service' presense ..."
    What does this mean and how do I go about correcting it. I have removed recent added apps and still get the above message. What app and I'm I supposed to Open this message sometimes appears after I unlock the phone or when I open different apps.

    07-11-2013 07:56 AM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    Definitely sounds like there is some sort of app conflict going on causing problems. Without more details its hard to point you in a good direction.

    What type of apps do you have installed outside of the normal apps that came stock on the device? Anything like 3rd party launchers, widgets, etc.. those can sometimes really throw a curve ball at things.
    07-11-2013 08:00 AM

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