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    Hello .... I have a SGH_1317-M model using 4.1.2. I purchased the Ibolt for Note 2 and have received the most recent cable change. I have had the cable hard wired under the dash to power and sound through my speakers ... as my Sante Fe did not come with a USB external feed. It works great and I can listen to music when I drive .. usually Songza. The Navigation also works great and will mute the sound when driving instructions are voiced. Now the problem ...when I get a phone call the sound mutes just fine but the phone only goes to the speaker phone setting and it is very difficult to hear as the speaker is pointing to the front windshield. I wind up bending over to the phone and talking into it as close as I can while not hopefully not effecting my vision while driving. I called Ibolt and was told they are getting lots of calls about this and this is an issue with the Samsung Note 2 and they suggested I purchase a Bluetooth handsfree kit for the car. I did that today. A good unit / Plantronics. So I go to the car .. put the Note 2 in the Ibolt .... put on music and it is all fine ... turn on the hands free unit and the music is not playing through the handsfree speaker .. yikes. I was afraid that might happen.
    Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get a phone call sound through my car sound system ... using the current setup with the USB cable provided. I know that if I go through the headphone jack I will get all sounds however no charging capability and it would mean $$ to have the installation rewired again in the dash.
    Thanks for your suggestion ... I am sure I am not the only one with this problem.
    07-13-2013 03:11 PM

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