1. Snacko's Avatar
    I don't know if anybody can help me with this. I rooted my phone and installed the 'Noteorious Prime RC1.5' ROM about 6 months ago with no problems. It's been working fine...

    About 3 weeks ago I noticed that all calls to me were going straight to voice mail on the first ring. At first I thought I had just missed the call, but finally, after some testing I know for sure that all calls go immediately to voice mail. And my bars will go from 4 bars to No Service just sitting in the same location. I have a ATT tower about 1/2 mile from my house and have always got great reception.

    I cannot think of anything that I did 3 weeks ago that might have started this problem? I went to the ATT store and they just gave me a new SIM card and a form with info of where to take my Note 2 if that does not fix it.

    Now, if I take since my phone is rooted and flashed with another ROM, I cannot take it to a ATT Service can I? I will have to Un-root it and restore the stock rom, is this correct? And I heard that there is some kind of 'counter' that needs to be rest that shows how many times the phone has been flashed or something like that. Of does ATT and other carriers not care about that stuff?
    07-15-2013 02:34 PM
  2. Jennifer Perkins's Avatar
    I know this is an old, looks like dead, thread but I'm having the same issue with my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I just got this phone 2 weeks ago and a lot of my incoming phone calls are going straight to voicemail. Of course the phone calls from my mom come through just fine, does this phone hate me or is it in cahoots with my mother? Also I'm in the same spot so it's not that, when Mom calls Galaxy talks and tells me I'm getting a call saw answer or reject. I dont get that on any other phone calls.

    HELP - Jennifer.
    11-06-2013 06:16 PM
  3. Snacko's Avatar
    I had to get mine replace. The ATT tech guy didn't believe me until I showed him that it showed 4 bars until I would dial a number. Then it would drop to 0 bars, and tell me it could not connect to the system, and hang up on me. Then 4 bars would pop back again. I showed him this 4 times in a row. So, he replaced it. He said the antenna might have been broken..
    11-06-2013 06:54 PM

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