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    My wife had her Note 2 for about 4 months now. At first her battery life was great. But now it's going down hill. So do you think a reset will help it? Or just get a new battery? Here is what she is getting
    HELP!!!! Battery life is worse.-uploadfromtaptalk1374185901620.jpg[ATTACH]74250[/AT
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    07-18-2013 05:18 PM
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    I've gotten used to using my phone with low luminosity. That, more than anything has propelled me from barely making my day, to having enough juice for 15~18 hours, even with a phone endowed with a less than stellar battery.

    Also, as one gets familiar with a phone, one adds a bevy of apps and widgets, and these eventually add-up. Together, they they cause a slow but steady increase in battery drain, mostly caused by background online data fetching. Use your app manager in the settings and configuration applet to kill all unused apps, just clear cache and force stop the apps. Use of news reader software is often a big power sucker. I've ditched Flipboard, Mobo reader, Feedly etc... I've gone back to using good old bookmarks, and my browser. Less convenient ? Somewhat, because I have to check my websites one by one for new content, but, my browser does not needlessly pre-load tons of data, it does not check and re-check web content needlessly, so I'm saving big on radio use for data, thus saving power.

    If your not convinced of this constant activity, I suggest you download Bandwidth monitor, you will be suprized by how much activity goes on. it seems like everything on Android calls home, even when it theoretically should not need to.

    Setting your screen time out for a very short period also helps, and using a BlueTooth earpiece should also augment battery time. I believe the sound amplification is harder on battery than the BlueTooth radio is. Perhaps this is not true of all phones, but it has been so far on most devices I've dealt with.
    07-18-2013 06:23 PM
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    Yeah it sounds like a case of apps running in the background.

    Example, I never used chat on. I tried it out and more friends equal more push notifications "messages" I noticed much less standby time.

    Also go into you're Google account and un check half the crap in there. I love Google+ and use it allot but since I get an email as well as a notification from Google+ I disabled sync Google+ and just go by the emails. I'm often in the app anyway...

    Facebook I don't use it but that'll drain a bit as well do to it constantly running in the background and the notifications. If you add up all the services you use and have added over that time I'm sure you will start to notice battery drain.

    Check out GSam battery stats. It's great and will truly show what is using background CPU, wake locks, phone signal, Screen time, ect.

    I noticed contacts sync, Google+ sync and app data, ect used allot of battery. They do often update the apps and will optimize them. So you can always re check whatever you un check in there.

    Another thing is restart you're device at least every few days. Even more so if you install and uninstall apps often.

    LTE will also more battery drain on you're device. LTE will really drain you're device if you're in a area that has bad coverage.

    Check out GSam it'll be worth it.

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    07-20-2013 09:34 AM

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