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    Hi all,

    I have been hving a problem during calls on my Note 2 for last days. Whenever there is a call, a normal voice call, i can hear the other person's voice very clearly, but that person hears just a faint far away voice of mine, which is very very hard to make out what exactly i am saying. I can say this because i gave my Note 2 to a friend and had a test call. The same problem as before. The problem is there on calls both incpming and outhoing.

    I contacted my operator and ezplained the whole situation, they registered a complained and yesterday a person from their texhnical department called and informed me that all is fine from the operator side. He also asked to get the handset checked at a service center.

    My handset is new, and barely 29 days old. I had made the full payment for it.

    Before going to the service center i thought of checking if i had un knowing changed any setting. But i dont clearly remember doing any. So i am asking everyone here, is there any setting (that has been changed) that is causing this problem ?

    I dont know much, but thought that the phone catches my voice from 1 place only - somewhere near the Home Button. If there is some problem in it, i will face the samw peoblem on a g-talk voice/vedio call as well. So i made both voice and vedio to a friend, and on this platform, he is able to hear me clearly. I dont know if this will give any better idea of my problem, but still mentioning it.

    And alao, in all these days, from the day i got this Note 2 delivered to me, i havnt dropped it, thrown it onto the table/bed, or gave it any sudden jerk of any sort.

    I hope someone here, knows the way out of this, i am literally on a stage show with this peoblem now [talking on my cell at a raised voice]

    Thanks alot in advance
    07-26-2013 03:12 AM
  2. Somdk's Avatar
    After running to the service center four times, the selling conpany offered a replacement. This handset will be picked up in two days and the new one will arrive the next week.
    07-29-2013 12:35 AM

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