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    I am upgrading my phone tomorrow to the Note 2. I was looking around on eBay at cases (the flip ones) and I noticed many of them stated that the Note 2 had to be a certain model to fit the case. I will have the SCH-I605 model because I have Verizon. Is there really size difference between the N7100 or SCH-I605 models? Most of the cases on eBay are for the N7100 specifically.

    08-01-2013 02:36 PM
  2. zaydabarber's Avatar
    It's all the same it will work wat color note u getting and welcome to note family watch videos on YouTube to learn wat all it will do

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    08-01-2013 04:57 PM
  3. MeghanJoAnna's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm getting the white one & I want the light blue flip case. I will definitely check out the videos.

    Thanks for the response!

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    08-01-2013 05:03 PM

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