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    Hi, I have the samsung note phone with 16gb memory. the problem I'm having is that My phone is saying that I have over 7gb of pictures and videos on it when I have deleted them all bar 300mb. I was connected to dropbox and picasa but I have disconnected these accounts and deleted all files on my phone. if I look at the phone on the computer via my computer it tells me there is 2.27gb free of 10.9 gb but if I go into the files and individually add every files property it only adds up to 500mb so even allowing 100mb for round ups which is way over where the hell is the other 7- 7.5 gb the dcim folder has fewer that 300mb in it.

    If you can help solve this issue I would really appreciate it as it is baffling me. by the way hide hidden folders is not ticked on my computer so no folders are hidden.


    08-23-2013 05:56 AM

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