1. zaydabarber's Avatar
    Do anyone have a tablet and note2 if so wat type of tablet you have

    ATT Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    08-27-2013 11:09 AM
  2. flywithlloyd's Avatar
    I have the Galaxy Note 10".
    08-27-2013 11:31 AM
  3. nlitenme's Avatar
    08-27-2013 11:59 AM
  4. bclinger#IM's Avatar
    Had the A500 and now the Note 8 and 10.1.

    Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk 4
    08-27-2013 12:47 PM
  5. brucesmays's Avatar
    Ipad, ipad2' galaxy tab 10" and note 8
    08-27-2013 06:51 PM
  6. anon(394005)'s Avatar
    Do anyone have a tablet and note2 if so wat type of tablet you have
    Yes, a Note 10.1 and a Nexus 7. Picked up the Note 10.1 a few months after having the Note 2; had to have a tablet with an S-Pen! The Nexus 7 has since been relegated to an alarm clock (and a once in a blue moon bed side web browser).
    08-28-2013 09:41 AM
  7. itsdollar's Avatar
    I still have a couple of HP Touchpads if they count. I use my Note 2 a little more than them.
    08-28-2013 02:48 PM
  8. zaydabarber's Avatar
    I just got the galaxy tab 2 it's on ATT it doesn't have multi windows

    ATT galaxy note 2 & galaxy tab2
    08-29-2013 12:52 AM
  9. 1812dave's Avatar
    i recently sold my nexus 7 because it had annoying issues and seemed rather redundant with my phone. I don't miss it at all.
    08-29-2013 09:34 AM
  10. Double0EK's Avatar
    I have 2 tablets. Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" and a Big Lots D2 7" Tablet (factory rooted - 1G Ram edition $79) they're for the kids as I don't need something obsolete to my Note 2.
    08-29-2013 10:12 AM
  11. Jay Sacks's Avatar
    Samsung 7 plus and Asus tf300. Glued to the 7plus for reading. Think the note 2 and note 8 are the perfect combo. Just can't seem to part with the 7 plus.

    Sent from my GT-P6210 using AC Forums mobile app
    08-30-2013 08:52 PM
  12. Jude526's Avatar
    Original Samsung 10.1 tablet. Love it

    sent from my amazing Note2
    08-31-2013 11:43 PM
  13. dpham00's Avatar
    Touchpad, Nook HD+, new iPad

    Sent from my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II via Tapatalk 4
    09-01-2013 12:45 AM
  14. Connert's Avatar
    Surface Pro, having a full windows OS in a tablet is the best for me and having the Note 2 for the convenience makes them a great match.

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-01-2013 01:51 PM
  15. karsdroid's Avatar
    started with an archos 7", moved to the transformer prime 10.1", now have the note 8 and it is the perfect size.....
    09-01-2013 11:49 PM

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