1. Trent9810's Avatar
    What is the best chess App for my note 2? Is there any that make special use of the s pen?
    10-06-2013 02:24 AM
  2. stalemate1's Avatar
    10-06-2013 04:49 AM
  3. MrMLK's Avatar
    Shredder chess is probably the best and most full featured version but you have to pay for it. I found it worth the money.

    Droid chess is also nice because it is free and supports multiview.

    I usually use the first one.

    Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 4
    10-06-2013 07:05 AM
  4. Trent9810's Avatar
    Thank You for your help checking the Apps now.
    10-06-2013 09:47 AM

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