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    Hey there guys and gals

    Im new to this forum and just got myself a samsung note 2. A couple problems I've had recently

    1. I go on a forum regularly about my vehicle and since I've had the note 2 whenever I try to search something in the forum under the search bar my keyboard pops up but when I start to type it goes up into the web browser bar. Does anyone know any to fix this issue?
    I never had a problem with this before on my old HTC

    2. Another issue is sometimes when I turn the phone the screen doesn't rotate.the auto rotate feature is checked. Doesnt matter what page I have up..as soon as I do a reset on the phone all works well..any ideas?

    One other question I know you can set the keyboard to one handed operation. Does anyone know if it's possible to just set that for text messaging and normal for internet?

    Thanks for any responses
    Sorry if they are noob questions

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    11-05-2013 11:26 PM

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