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    Hey everyone, new to the forum, and new to Android devices.

    I took my first tentative steps towards customising my Samsung Note 2, and have thus far managed to Root it, using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tookit. That worked fine, and I then proceeded to use the CWM Recovery tool to backup up my data, and then flash one of the latest ROM builds onto the device.

    That worked fine, and largely I am more than happy with the results. Android 4.3 is much nicer than the old 4.1.2, but I do have some concerns that I hope someone can help me with!

    1. I have read everywhere that backing up the EFS folder is critical, since if this folder gets corrupted, then I will have bricked my phone. I am keen for that not to happen. How do I do this?

    2. Having done some research online, I found a tool called "EFS_Pro", but to use that I need my phone to be visible to my PC - which it is not. I have tried installing Kies, but since I am on a custom ROM, this clearly wont recognise the phone, and I have tried the Samsung USB drivers. The latter installs OK, and I have turned on USB debugging on the device, but I just cannot see the internal or external storage of my device. I am running Windows 7 Enterprise.

    3. I didn't do a full clear of the device memory before the custom ROM install, and hence I am running low on internal storage. I want to re-flash my current ROM again, which I can easily do, but I am terrified that if I cannot backup the EFS folder, that I am left in a tricky position if that file becomes corrupt.

    So in a nutshell, I want to clear the device memory completely (to get rid of the Samsung junk that was installed by default), re-flash my current ROM, but before I do any of that, I need to make sure I have a backup of the EFS folder.

    Can someone help?

    BTW - I took a backup of my device prior to flashing the custom ROM (i.e. Stock ROM just after Rooting) and I have a backup of the current ROM on the external SD card (which has about 3Gb of space free on it).

    Sorry if this is obvious, but I just don't want to do anything until I can be sure that I can recover back to stock if needed.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    11-25-2013 05:31 PM

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