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    I bought a rooted galaxy note 2 so I could use it with a at&t sim on the straight talk network. But ever since I have had the phone some apps cant connect to the internet and some can. My browser works fine but if I try to install google chrome or firefox it cant connect either. I am new to having a rooted phone and dont know how to fix it. Any ideas?
    11-27-2013 12:09 AM
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    First of all. Rooting mskes no diffrence for the carrier u use.

    Tmobile to att u need to be unlocked as I am and I can run st atr sim or aio wirless sim as I am doing now.

    Ok so lets just say clean slate.
    Hold vol up+home+power
    If u see download mode im sorry pull battery and do the same but vol down.

    I just cant remember cuz I reboot I to recovery from my power menu in android.

    Ok so now just reboot for now and get back to android.

    Go to xda and grab jedix rom
    U can use whatever u want later but for now just use that and learn its tw based so everything works.

    Now put that on you sd card internal or external its all good.

    Makes sure ur formated fat32 on ur sd card

    Now reboot into recovery
    I use cwm and am directing as such
    Wipe data/cache
    Go to advanced and wipe dalvick cache.

    U can use the vol buttons and power to navigate or touch screen.

    Now go back

    Now install zip
    Install zip from sd card
    [Or external]

    Find jedix and install

    Follow the onscreen questions and instructions.

    You dont need to wipe, u already did this.

    Jedix uses aroma installer, some roms do not have this.

    Wipe any time u change roms
    Just wipe cache any time u flash a new kernel or app or mod ontop of a rom.

    Waite a while


    Check out rom toolbox and titanium backup apps.
    They aint free but they are worth it.

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    12-01-2013 02:17 PM

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