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    Hello there!

    My GT-N7100 died due to SDS bug and I got its motherboard replaced.

    I have just found out that all my existing pictures and videos on my microSD card (inside the DCIM folder) can not be viewed. I can open other files (PDF, XLS, TXT) which are located on the other folders.

    I don't remember whether I used encryption prior to the SDS bug, but I probably did. The photos and videos also can not be viewed when I use the microSD card on my PC. But it is strange since only media files inside the DCIM folder got encrypted. Don't you think so?
    If I remember correctly, there was no option to encrypt only media files. I think the option was to encrypt ALL files and then EXCLUDE media files.

    Any idea how to view my photos and videos ?
    12-12-2013 10:59 PM

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