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    Crashed my bike last week and after this the screen on my note 2 wouldn't turn on, the buttons lit up and it received texts and FB messages.

    Gave it to a repair shop the same day, in shop I saw him check the display flex cable and it was normal. He tried it with multiple screens and it wouldn't power on.

    Got it back and at home, using the MHL cable I can work the phone through my TV, the touch still works as does the SPen.

    The screen doesn't have any visible crack so I assume it's still fine.

    When I crashed the phone was compressed on it's left side (pretty sure, could be right side). I found a post suggesting the screen connector could have come off the motherboard, what do you guys think?

    Video showing most of this.
    you tube.com/watch?v=ZVGE6rKECec
    12-17-2013 02:18 PM

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