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    So A few days before my 4.3 update hit my phone...(that was like the 12th of December) my picture quality in my apps has gone from nice hd(if the app allowed) clear pics to pix-elated garbage. Things like red reader beta,...bacon reader...other reddit apps( i tried alot) , The chive app. google +, pulse reader...flip board...even chrome image search. Its driving my crazy. I did not want to update to 4.3 because Ive heard some issues. But I did it anyways to see if that helped....It did not. So now I have factory reset my phone. That still has not helped. Does not matter if Im on 3g, 4g or wifi. before I factory reset I cleared all caches I could find...cleared the phone in recovery mode. deleted all apps reinstalled them. anyone have ideas?
    12-19-2013 04:40 PM

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