1. tikoy243's Avatar
    I lost the handwriting feature in creating messages. It is usually in the lower left button beside the space. I long pressed the button and the only thing there is the voice and change of keypads. how do you bring this back?
    12-20-2013 08:59 AM
  2. jdub1981's Avatar
    Settings. There is an option to automatically switch to handwriting mode when spen is removed.

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    12-20-2013 09:32 AM
  3. Paul Ackers's Avatar
    As above reply, you can change under settings language and input

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    12-20-2013 09:39 AM
  4. tikoy243's Avatar
    i think I know why. if I change the language from english (US) toFilipino the writing feature disappears
    12-20-2013 09:56 PM
  5. nooraly's Avatar
    I am unable to find option to use S Pen in S Voice after 4.3 update
    12-24-2013 03:49 AM

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