1. Nick Sparks's Avatar
    Received notification of S Note update after 4.3
    Beware...It did not update the old version but installed as a separate app that does not recognise the pen. Others have reported other difficulties........

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    01-09-2014 11:19 AM
  2. Manky Boy's Avatar
    The s pen is recognised with mine. My problem is that, although I have downloaded all of my old now from the back up server and I can see the notes in the thumbnail, when I try to open them if tries to convey them to the current version and crashes every time. I'm just glad I can still read them all on my note 8 for now.

    Anyone have any suggestions to solve this? I've tried getting rid of them and downloading them again, I've tried clearing the cache and reinstalling the program but nothing has worked so far.

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    01-10-2014 02:41 PM
  3. CG Laser's Avatar

    When you pull out the pen with activated "quick note" option it always opens then pop-up in the old/original app. But when then popup is shown and you klick on the arrow on the top left to change to the big screen you can choose in which app the note should be saved. Now you can select the "new" app. So all future notes will be available there.

    I downloaded the new app 2 days ago. I had no problems converting my old stuff into the new application. And the notes are still available/editable in both apps.

    I would prefer if Samsung have replaced the old app with it. But I guess it is part of the original firmware. Maybe they surprise us with 4.4 KitKat.

    I use a Samsung Galaxy Note2 (International Version, GT-N7100, Android 4.3 with Touch Wiz)

    kind regards
    Vienna, AUSTRIA
    03-04-2014 05:09 AM

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