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    hoping someone can give me a little info on phone gps vs garmin
    I've had multiple garman hand held gps's for backpacking and a garman 304 for running. I know how important if your in heavy forest can affect signal.. and all the other normal stuff that goes with that. Might be easier to just ask the questions
    "Generally speaking" from a stand point of accuracy is there a difference between a garmin and gps in a phone, or does it come down to software that uses it on the phone?
    I've tried a couple of gps apps... seen a difference in accuracy.
    Tracks which is done by some Google Employees, has a setting to choose the recording distance. I know the more you use gps it will eat of the battery.. but it allows you to set the recording distance to 3 feet. I haven't seen any other apps have a setting like that. I'm going to try out Tracks today or tomorrow. But to me, that would tell me that it can be as accurate as a handheld given the same/good conditions.
    Can anyone fill in gaps or let me know your thoughts?

    02-20-2014 07:36 AM

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