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    How can I get calendar entries on my Outlook to appear on my Galaxy Note 2 phone?

    I am using:
    - MS Outlook 2010
    - MS Exchange 2007 (for work)
    - Galaxy Note 2 (running Android 4.4.2)

    On my phone I can see *emails* from MS Exchange but not calendar entries!

    On my previous PC I had Google's old utility (ActiveSync?) to sync Outlook with Gmail has been deprecated.

    To summarize, I simply need to get my Outlook2010 calendar entries to appear on my phone. I imagine this could be done using the following paths:

    a) Via: my PC ==> Exchange on the Server ==> my phone (using a VPN??)

    b) Via: my PC ==> my phone

    c) Via: my PC ==> Google calendar ==> my phone

    If I do the following on my Galaxy Note 2:
    Settings > Accounts > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync > Accounts > [long click on my account name], then I see a list of:
    - Sync Calendar
    - Sync Contacts
    - Sync Email
    - Sync Tasts
    ...} all of which are ticked. And if I click "Sync now", then the "Last synced date and time gets updated.

    But the problem is that although my emails on Outlook are getting through fine, calendar entries on Outlook are not getting through to my the calendar(s) on my phone.

    I have tried various calendar apps e.g.
    - S Planner,
    - Cal,
    - "Week Calendar" [which I have now uninstalled and can no longer find],
    - Calendar (from Google).
    ...but on all these apps I have the same problem: i.e. that even though I am setting all the calendars on my phone to be displayed, and even though I am ticking them and clicking Sync... the data is failing to get through!

    As far as I can see, Google has stopped supporting ActiveSync and is instead supporting something called "CalDAV" but I can't see how to use it.

    I am getting desperate and I don't really care if I have to use Google Calendar or not... but how (the heck) can I get my outlook calendar entries to appear somehow one my phone??

    Many thanks

    07-26-2014 03:13 PM
  2. MaxBuck's Avatar
    My understanding is that Google Calendar Sync will stop working tomorrow. My understanding is also that Samsung Kies will allow continued syncing of Outlook with Google calendar if you tether the device to the computer on which Outlook is running.

    I'll be checking this out no later than Friday this week.
    07-30-2014 06:54 PM

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