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    At first it would not charge or turn on. When connected to a PC the PC would power down immediately.
    Must be a short in the USB i think.
    New PCB in place and now, no powering down of the PC.

    And now:

    The only time the phone will charge is when it loads the software when turning on.
    Turn the phone on, insert cable and for about 20 seconds it charges (LED on and on screen you can briefly see the animated powerindicator "rotating").

    When charger cable is inserted into the phone with the phone turned off a battery comes on screen after 30 seconds or so. The white animated "ring" on the battery does not rotate.
    When inserted with the phone turned on, nothing happens. In tester it does not indicate that a Charger is connected.
    (Tester *#*#4636#*#* )

    In "download mode" and in "recovery" The phone is noticed by a PC (USB connection)
    When turned on in normal operating mode the phone is not noticed.

    This with three chargers and four different cables and USB charging.
    Stock ROM, CyanogenMOD latest stable and nightly ROM and two kernels.

    For the moment i am using a smaller battery from a Huawei Ascend phone. Charging it in the Huawei and then using it in the Note...

    Any good advice from the good people in here?
    08-25-2014 07:20 AM

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