1. indysteve9's Avatar
    Starting yesterday when I set a timer or alarm "Google Now" does not talk to me anymore to verify the request nor automatically start the timers or alarms set. She used to tell me, "setting alarm" or "setting timer for 5:00mins.". and then start automatically. Now I have to manually start alarms and timers. Was there some sort of update I missed and they changed settings/functions?
    10-23-2014 08:38 AM
  2. AxisE1028's Avatar
    I've also had the same issue since about a week or so on my HTC One M8 (running stock ROM).

    Very curious to know why since I found the fact that it started automatically quite useful.
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    10-23-2014 07:10 PM
  3. 1812dave's Avatar
    Very interesting! I just tried setting both alarm and timer and you guys are correct. Google Now no longer sets them automatically, now requiring a click on the screen. I suggest visiting the google product forums and mentioning this issue. Perhaps they did it by design, or simply goofed up.

    S voice (a double click on HOME button, as my phone is set up) automatically sets a timer as long as you voice your confirmation after voicing your timer request.
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    10-24-2014 10:08 AM
  4. indysteve9's Avatar
    I did just that 1812Dave. They came back and wanted to know my device, android version, had I uninstalled and re-installed Google Search and did I clear cache and defaults. I replied positive to all and then total silence from Google. I've had others on the forum confirm my findings and reporting them. Hmmm, wonder what's going on.
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    10-24-2014 12:29 PM
  5. 1812dave's Avatar
    Assuming that the google employees know the current version well, it sounds as if there was a goof-up in the coding.
    10-24-2014 03:16 PM
  6. indysteve9's Avatar
    Well, here's an update. There must have been enough complaints by users because overnight there seems to have been a fix for this problem. I have still been using the timer and alarm voice commands and then manually pushing the start button. Well, lo and behold, this morning I set a timer command and it started automatically without pushing anything! Has anyone else found to happen on their phones?
    10-29-2014 10:40 AM
  7. butterfly210's Avatar
    Question? In S Voice is voice feedback enabled?!
    10-31-2014 04:09 PM
  8. indysteve9's Avatar
    11-01-2014 10:01 AM
  9. butterfly210's Avatar
    Try rebooting fone... Chk your setting under accessibility/services make sure apps under service is off... Also make sure your media volume is up! Indysteve9
    11-09-2014 08:07 PM

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