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    I've been looking for an answer to my issue for a couple of weeks now and despite trawling the internet and visiting various mobile stores and speaking to their "experts" I still haven't found the answer.

    On the Note 2, using the stock browser, there is a "Default Zoom" option in the settings that enables you to choose "close", "medium" or "far" options. Essentially this changes the viewport of the browser enabling you to get a different view of a web site. The "far" option gives a viewport size of 540 x 851. The "medium" option gives a viewport size of 360 x 615. I've noticed on the Note 3 and Note 4 and other newer mobiles that this "Default Zoom" option is no longer available in the browser settings. Does anyone know why this option has been removed?

    Because the Note 2 and the like have such a big screens I like to set the default zoom to far which gives me more of a tablet size view. Now it's time for a mobile upgrade I've been really disappointed to find newer mobiles including the Note 4 have removed this option.

    Anybody know more info on this?


    01-08-2015 06:56 AM

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