1. njshoremom4gurlz's Avatar
    My husband has my note 2... I'm grabbing the 4 in March and I'm excited!
    My question is this.
    My husband overloaded stuff I decided to do a factory reset.
    I backed it up prior but on the phone.
    I had google accounts mine (which I remembered) and HIs which HE didn't remember!
    He lost his recepie book he wrote and is mad at me and k was TRYING to help him not upset him.
    It upsets me he is this mad at me,than he should not ask or entrust me with something if it means that much!
    ""HIS" photos are gone but mine are all on google plus I back them up there as well as other cloud services (Amazon) to save room on the phone.
    I don't see point of 1000 pics on a phone... Some do... I don't.
    I thought maybe he had them on Sd card I removed.
    Nope that has all songs (thank god that was saved lol)
    Anyways if I put it in a laptop.. Via kies is there a folder I can find it? backup folder or do I need that Google password we cannot find it nor reset it.
    Thank You
    01-09-2015 06:44 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Let's see if I have this right--you had a bunch of your husband's data on your Note 2 prior to the factory reset, and found afterwards that his data may not have been backed up anywhere? And the Note 2 had both your Google account and your husband's account on it?

    If the Note 2 had his Google account as well, has he checked his Google+ Photos on the web, or are you saying he doesn't remember how to log into his Google account? If he forgot his Google login, try this; https://www.google.com/accounts/recovery/
    01-09-2015 11:45 AM
  3. njshoremom4gurlz's Avatar
    Yea he cannot remember his google account im like I remember mine I don't remember HIS!
    He isn't like me w the phones and devices be just used texts pics the sPen and the one app had all these recepies I told him don't write important stuff without backing up on Evernote or something! Ugh
    It's his fault I will look on the laptop but doubt I'll find anything
    The reason he has the note 2 is I gave it to him. He still has my captivate his first smart phone I remember how happy I was with it back then
    01-10-2015 04:33 AM
  4. Andriodfan2015's Avatar
    I think u should have backed up the data
    06-08-2015 09:11 AM
  5. Andriodfan2015's Avatar
    I would have backed up ever thing
    06-08-2015 09:13 AM

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