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    help!... my rooted note 2 model; sph l900 sprint is not working its frozen on either one of two screens that i can access...download in odin screen... or another saying "firmware upgrade encountered problems please select kies in recovery mode and try again...my computer will not recognize my device so i changed the cable and it said that a device once recognized by the computer hac malfunctioned and now isnt recognized or sumthing to this effect...i have been the keis route and that dont work... im tryna go back to stock but i think i might not be able to downgrade...so....what do i do ?... my computer wont recognize my phone
    03-07-2015 12:42 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Sprint updated the phone and broke it, so it's their problem. Bring it into a Sprint store, tell them that their update broke your phone and would they please fix it?

    If they tell you it's out of warranty, tell them that the warranty on the updating started when they sent you the update. They broke it, they own the problem. And if they want to pay for your attorney's time, he'll be glad to send them a list of court precedents that they've already lost for the same thing. Which is what's going to happen if they don't get your phone working or replace it with the equivalent or better.

    The salesdroid will probably run screaming for the store manager at that point. (Your attorney - find a good one if you don't have one and it comes to it - will tell them more about liability than they ever wanted to know. Along with a bill for his services. Which will be a lot more than the retail price of any Sprint cellphone. If they aren't aware of it, they'll find out when they get the notice to pay the bill or get sued [by the attorney].)

    Chances are they they'll accept responsibility and do right by you, but if not ... I detest bad cellphone stores. They make "cellphone associate" sound worse than "used car salesman".
    03-07-2015 05:59 PM

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