1. leoavi94's Avatar
    I am using Samsung Galaxynote 2 and a song 32gb class 4 SD card. A couple of days back, I noticed that something was missing from my gallery and holy ****..all my pics and videos from the camera folder were missing. There were more than 2000 in number and around 10gb in size. But when I checked for storage size, free space was same.. 4GB even after the loss of 10 GB. I recovered them using Recuva. After recovering the data I did a quick format and moved the data back to memory card. Today when i was in the gym, I noticed that songs were getting repeated very frequently and when I checked, I had only 29 songs left out of 550 and again i was left with the same amount of free space as I had before the loss. I tried to recover it through Recuva, but this time I could recover only 121 songs. I use to swap my card between my htc chacha and note 2, but that's not the first time. And when i recover files from my card, the path shown in Recuva is something like this.

    G:\? \

    Anybody got an idea, what's the matter? I hate SONY and this is a last Sony product that I have bought in my life. It's my 3rd card which I got as a replacement from the company.
    03-08-2015 11:22 PM
  2. NexusGirlX's Avatar
    I would dump this SD card and get a reliable brand such as Samsung, Kingston or Sandisk. I have been using a Kingston SD card in my Note 4 and have no problems and have not lost anything on it.
    03-08-2015 11:33 PM
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    Sony doesn't make the chips used in the card, only Samsung and SanDisk do - and SanDisk is easy to work with. You can do a live chat on their site. (It's nice if you have problem, but I've been using their cards since people were wowed by a 32 MEGAbyte card, and the only bad one I ever had is an 8GB card that I broke the casing on. It still works, but touching it could destroy it.) SanDisk costs more. They're worth the price, IMO. What I do to my cards shouldn't be done to a data sink, and my 32GB card is still sitting there, taking terrible abuse, after about 15 months.

    When prices come down, I'll probably get a 128GB card, so I can turn the 32GB card into an emergency boot card - it's going to be a SanDisk. I don't think I can beat "never had a problem". How much better can it get? (They pay me to take their cards? That's about all that's left.)

    (Full disclosure point - I don't even know where they're located. The only connection I have with them is using their cards that I buy at whatever good price I can find on Amazon. I'm just impressed with the cards and the two times I had contact with them - once in a live chat for a quick question, once in an email, questioning bout a seller on eBay. No "read the screen" 'techs' - both responses were from knowledgeable people. Email sent Sunday evening, answer received Monday morning. They just impress me, that's all.)
    03-08-2015 11:39 PM
  4. leoavi94's Avatar
    Thats what i am thinking. What about Samsung evo class 10? I never used evo series, is it good?
    03-09-2015 12:03 AM

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