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    I've been using the CM12 ROM for over a month now. I must admit, it was like as if I had the privilege of having a whole new experience. The whole idea of CM12 and android L is amazing. On the way while using CM12 there were some limitations that I had to face,
    1. The S pen features including the airview, commands and S pen button functionality are not pre-loaded in the ROM
    2. The camera quality is not very satisfying
    3. The phone takes a long tine to start
    4. There is no option to keep a custom ringtone or a notification tone
    5. The motion Sensors and short cuts which made using a Samsung phone more convent are no longer available
    6. And lastly the ability to make folders on the homepage is out.

    If anyone have solutions to these problems then please help me out..
    03-24-2015 12:47 PM

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