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    We will be spending a month in the DR in a cabin that does not have Internet, so no wifi. We both had Android pads we normally take with us rather than lugging around a computer.

    We want to use the phones for mapping and have some Internet access while there. We were in the DR this past March and managed with difficulty loading maps on our cell phone, but the situation was not ideal. We are looking for a more comprehensive solution. My husband is very computer literate.

    Now to the questions. Does Claro or Orange have a data only card? If we can get data, we can use Skype and mapping. Is the best option to buy a router with sim card option, activating it using the router and then use in the phone?

    Any suggestions? We are landing at SDQ and then driving up to the Las Galeras area for a month.

    Which phone should we use? Both are unlocked and we are currently on ATT but are about to go with H2O as our needs have changed and we usually use the phone on wifi.

    We tried to find someone in the DR who knew enough English to explain the options but were not successful.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    03-26-2015 10:35 AM

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