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    I am experiencing problems with galaxy note 2.
    Build number(ROM)N4 v2.1
    Baseband version:N7100NEUFND1
    Android version:4.4.4
    Kernel:AGNI KERNEL (march 29,2015)

    I have overclocked cpu from 1.6 GHZ to 2.0 GHZ and I use setCPU app to control cpu values like when screen is off change governor to ondemand with min and max frequencies at 200 MHZ and 400 MHZ. When screen is on change governor to performance with min and max frequencies at 1000 MHZ and 1800 MHZ. The problem is that now whenever I set the values. The values drops down to 1200 MHZ and goes down to 500 MHZ gradually.Mostly it stays stuck at 1000 MHZ causing the device to lag especially while gaming.

    Previously I experienced problems with all other governors except performance,pegasusq and powersaver, even when I set the Max value to 1.8 GHZ it somehow restricted the Max frequency to 1.2 GHZ. Now I think this has affected all the governors.

    I have also updated my kernel but the problem persists.

    Any solutions???
    04-23-2015 01:09 PM

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