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    Update, 3 months later: No more problem since replacing the dodgy charging cable.


    (Update: Maybe partly solved. Replacing the charging cable appears to make the problem go away, for the last hour, anyway. I still don't know what the sound is, though - I've had dodgy cables before, but this sound is new.)

    Several times recently on my Galaxy Note 2 (Android 4.4.2) I get weird rising and/or falling sounds - as someone quickly played a scale of about 4 notes, paused, then played them going down, but sometimes it's just a fragment of this, like just the down scale, or the upscale and one down note. It's as if it's being played on a low quality elecric keyboard.

    Generally there's a few seconds break, then it happens again and again, a few seconds or a few minutes apart. Or it can go for hours without happening.

    It interrupts Pandora's audio - not surprising for an alert sound.

    Occasionally I've seen the screen flicker when it happens - it seems to be acting as if the back key has been pressed. But only sometimes.

    It happens while charging, but then I just noticed that it wasn't charging, due to a dodgy connection, and the noise was still happening. :-/ Maybe it's because the dodgy cable's connecting and disconnecting was affecting something, but it doesn't consistently line up with the connections and disconnections. Also it's different from the battery connect and disconnect sounds.

    Latest info: I've replaced the dodgy charging cable with a better one, and there have been no sounds for 5 minutes now. Will update.

    It's nowhere near a full battery.
    There are no relevant notifications.
    NFC is switched off, and it's different to the NFC sound.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
    08-26-2015 07:43 AM

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