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    I started to encrypt my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a few months ago, I encrypted the external storage as well (Sandisk Ultra 64 Gb). I have been using the device + the sandisk ultra 64 Gb for almost 3 years. I have never experienced any problem with it. However, now I am experiencing something which is very annoying, every time I take pictures with my note 2( using memory card as the storage), the pictures will be broken, distorted, grey out, and sometimes broken image icon showing. Not all pictures, but on average, if I take 30 pictures, 5 or 6 will be broken and distorted. I start to think what is the problem with my device, I have never experience any problem like that before. After reading some article in some forums, I assumed that my sd card was broken, it is the time to buy a new one, and get rid of the old one. So I bought a new sandisk sd card again. Sandisk Extreme 64Gb, I put it in, I took some picture, and using the memory card as the storage, everything is good. I decided to encrypt the sd card. After the encryption process finished, I took some picture again, and it showed broken, distorted and grey out pictures again(same thing, not all pictures, 5 or 6 pictures out of 30 on average. Then I tried to switch the storage for the camera, from sd card to device memory. I took 50 picture simultaneously, no error at all. So I decided to disable the sd card encryption, and the problem gone. So my assumption now is the bug is due to sd card encryption. Has anyone experienced this problem? how to fix this thing? thanks for your time.
    09-11-2015 04:48 AM

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