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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II. I absolutely LOVE this phone & it holds my life in it. Well, it was in my back pocket of my pants and I turned on the stool I was sitting on and it was pushed out of my pocket and hit the floor. It has done that before but this time the screen wont turn on. The phone powers on because I can see the LED light flash letting me know I have a message or notification and I hear the startup music when I power it on. I have tried holding the power, home, vol up & vol down (separately) to see if that might help, but nothing I have found online so far for troubleshooting the problem has helped. I am now wondering if I need to replace the LCD part of the phone? I also need to replace the glass top screen because its been cracked for quite a while, but it wasn't a problem so I lived with it that way.
    Thanks for any advice or suggestions anyone has for me, they will be greatly appreciated and tried.
    11-24-2015 06:38 AM

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